Handmade modified cut moissanite, All diamond special cut can be customized; GRA certificate available.

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Hand Cut VS Machine Cut

Hand cut moissanite is more perfect than machine cut, hand cut moissanite can achieve above 3EX grade, but machine cut cannot. Most of the moissanites on the market today are made by automatic machines.  Each of Tianyu’s moissanite is cut by hand by an expert with over 10 years of experience. We will check each facet with a magnifying glass to make sure it is perfect. Moissanite has some unstable characteristics. Manual cutting is always going to achieve better transparency of the moissanite, and it can get an extraordinary fire color and perfect shape.

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Most Popular Moissanite Fancy Cuts

Hybrid Crushed Ice Cut

It has smaller facets which create the illusion of a shattered ice look and makes it stand out among others, making the moissanite look shattered

Jubilee Cut

Jubilee cut has 80 facets, a high crown (22%), No table, no view of the pavilion from the crown,very sparkle, often found in bazel setting jewelry.

Old European Cut

Old European cut diamonds have 58 facets( crown 33 facets, pavilion 25 facets), It is known for their large facets and a small table.

Lucere Cut

The Lucere diamond is a square stone with a step cut crown and a brilliant pavilion.To maximize the brilliance of the diamond (65 facets - 25 facets on the crown and 40 facets on the pavilion),

Criss Cut

The Criss cut diamond has a total of 77 facets and the defining feature of this cut is that its facets 'cross over' each other. The longitudinal cut gives the illusion of a larger, whiter, brighter diamond.

Octavia Cut

The Octavia diamond takes the step-cut diamond to a whole new level. It has 57 facets, a small table, a thick and curved crown and a pavilion, which makes it sparkle and fire better than the normal Asscher cut.

None of our colored moissanite is coated and is its natural color all the way through.

Fancy Yellow Moissanite

This fancy vivid yellow moissanite is original color, not coated. Vivid yellow is the most popular of our colored moissanites. Similar in color to natural yellow diamonds, but more affordable. We are the first company that can produce this vivid yellow color in China. So many dealers come to us to purchase this color. The yellow is much more difficult to produce. The color can be unstable and the rough is in very limited supply

Absolutely fantastic customer service. I ordered a custom yellow Moissanite & it arrived in 7 days to Australia. It’s beautiful & even better than the pictures. Communication was fantastic & they worked closely with me to get the exact color I wanted. Don’t hesitate to order from Tianyu.
Luke Physi***
Asscher Octavia arrived on time and looks AMAZING! just went to my jeweler and performed the diamond test on it as well and it PASSED as promised. Even my jeweler was obsessed with it! this is what I call perfection all around! I will absolutely be ordering again.
Manuel P***

Moissanite FAQs

Most frequent questions and answers

Normally it takes 3-5 days, if the cut is not done before, it will take a little longer because it needs to be researched, and the better the information provided, the faster it will be done. Large quantities can contact sales to calculate the exact time.

Basically all diamond cuts can be customized, including some special cuts, Old Mine cut, Antique cut, French cut, Ashoka cut, portrait cut, Taille Impératrice cut and so on. We can cut according to the picture or video provided by the customer.

No, because there is a difference between the properties of moissanite and diamonds. The effect of the same angle is not the same, in order to present the perfect effect, we need to make some adjustments to optimize.

Yes, through our continuous research and optimization, the problem of oval cut, pear cut, marquise cut common bow tie dark area, has been perfectly solved. The double reflection problem is also gone. You can contact us for pictures and videos.

The product do not come with a certificate by default. If you need a certificate, please contact customer service, and you need to wait 1 more days to engrave the waist code for stone detection.

Yes, Moissanite can 100% pass a simple diamond tester (handheld thermal conductivity meter) like a diamond.

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Bring your love to life with a handcrafted design that perfectly suits your relationship, budget and style. Our expert artisans will pour their passion into every detail of your beautiful custom jewelry or diamonds.

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