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3-5 working days to send out for custom moissanite, 15-20 days for custom jewelry, 1-2 working days for in stock. And the shipping time usually takes about 3-7 business days by DHL/ FedEx/UPS. Excluding holidays, about 2 weeks in holiday.

Some customers find that our prices are higher than those of some China manufacturers, and indeed we are. Why? We insist on offering high quality product-hand cut moissanite, IGI lab grown diamond, handcrafted jewelry, fully customized services, and perfect after-sales service. Most of the Gemstone on the market today are made by automatic machines.  Each of our gemstone are cut by hand by an expert with over 10 years experience. We will check each facet with a magnifying glass to make sure it is perfect. Moissanite has some special characteristics. Manual cutting is always going to achieve better results with each moissanite. Like a real diamond. All gold setting are heavy gold, light gold will easily fall off the stone, and the sense of quality will be very poor.

Yes, we can. The images and videos of the products ordered from us will be processed by our artists according to the customer’s requirements and sent to you. If you want some of our pictures and videos to start your business, we can also provide them, but there are some conditions, please contact our salesman for details, Contact us

Absolutely! All of your molds will be stored in their own location at no additional cost. This is a great way to differentiate your brand.

Yes, for in-stock products, we can do a refund after receiving the return, but for custom products, if it is not a quality issue, it is not refundable. In order to provide customer satisfaction and to let more friends know about Tianyu gems, we have our VIP number discount. We are also upgrading our product packaging, After-sale service, Return Policy and other related services. Please Contact Us to know more.

We also sell on Aliexpress, Alibaba, and Amazon. and we have some of our products in stock in Amazon’s US overseas warehouse, so customers in North America can receive them quickly.

We accept T/T,Paypal , western union and money gram ect.

Custom Jewelry

1. Provide as much information as possible, including the main stone and setting. Complete information can help the designer to understand your needs better.
2. You can ask for CAD pictures to confirm if the design meets the requirements (width, thickness, basket,setting method).
3. Confirm the surface treatment process.
4. After the product is finished, you can ask for pictures and video to make the final confirmation before delivery.

Our pricing structure is simple and transparent. There are no hidden fees or charges for customization. The price quote you receive is based on the type and quantity of metal used, as well as the labor required to bring your design to life.

In short, yes. Note, however, that there may be elements in the design that affect the integrity of the structure. In this case, we will use our expertise and judgment to make your design structurally sound.

The production steps for custom jewelry are not significantly different from our existing products. Most of our jewelry takes 10-15 days to produce.

Please tell us the shape, cutting and size of the moissanite/lab grown diamond you need, For custom jewelry, tell us the size, metal, shape, cutting and size of the main stone, and style. For special cut moissanite/lab grown diamond and jewelry, it is best to provide us with pictures or videos. Then our staff will quote you and do the next step.

Our MOQ is 1 piece, we can do OEM and ODM service, you can engrave the logo, number or letter you want.

Yes, Our white gold contains about 15-18% nickel, which is in the standard range. Our nickel is safe to wear as long as you don’t have a nickel allergy. if you do not want nickel, please tell us, we can do special order.

Yes, for custom-made jewelry, customers can customize only the setting, and needs to tell us the details of the main stone. But for stock jewelry, we do not sell setting unless the customer is also purchasing a center stone from Tianyu gems.

The most obvious difference is the thickness of the gold, the thickness of the gold filled is at least 5%, while the gold plated is 0.05%. Therefore, the durability is different, the gold filled is thicker, not easy to lose color; gold plating is thinner, wear too long will lose color. But the price of gold plating will be more affordable.

For frequently made styles, yes, it is necessary to make jewelry molds to keep the consistency of the product and save cost and time. If it is personalized jewelry or only made once, it is not necessary.

Yes, 10k, 14k, 18k, platinum and other gold jewelry can be redone in the same material jewelry ( Silver jewelry is not included), but the work will be charged and loss will be incurred. Please contact us for more details.

Gold price is only for gold raw material, but the price of jewelry gold includes not only the price of raw materials, but also processing fees, design fees, craft fees, losses and brand premiums, etc., Therefore, the prices of different manufacturers will differ according to the quality required, the degree of mastery of the process and the ability to control losses.

All of our 10k /14k/ 18k white gold and silver white gold plated pieces are rhodium-plated to give them a brilliant white shine. If you want warmer color and do not want rhodium plated, please tell us, we will make modification for you. 

The color of sterling silver jewelry is not easy to fade, they’re solid gold plated to prevent oxygen. After the silver is exposed to oxygen, sulfide and acidic substances, a layer of black material will be formed on the surface, which will affect the luster of the silver jewelry surface.

It is enough to clean it twice a week.

The key to tarnish-free silver jewelry is prevention. First, all silver jewelry should be stored properly in soft, anti-tarnish bags in a cool, dark place. The lower the humidity, the better. Some people add a piece of chalk, a packet of charcoal, or even silica gel to the bags to help remove moisture. Extra moisture is also why leaving jewelry in the bathroom is not a good idea. Remove rings, earrings, and other silver pieces before showering, swimming, or doing dishes, and be sure to put your jewelry on last, after all your perfumes and lotions have had time to sink in. Another somewhat surprising way to prevent tarnish is to simply wear your silver. The daily friction of life does wonders for keeping your silver shiny.

No, The stones aren’t easy to loose because we inlay the stone by our high skill craftsman, it will make it more stable than wax inlay, and our jewelry is made with heavy gold, the setting is not easily deformed, and there is more gold to protect the stone.

For personalized jewelry, we usually provide our standard jewelry boxes. If you are a wholesaler or retailer and would like your own style of box, we can provide custom boxes, but only in certain quantities. Contact us to know more details

Special custom orders (modified styles, specific logos and/or fully custom jewelry) are not eligible for return or exchange.


Diamonds are expensive, but they will still maintain their high value. They are more suitable for a collection. Moissanites are more affordable. You can change them to wear with different outfits. They are very elegant and classy. Most people are not going to notice that it is not a diamond, just being looking at It.

Normally it takes 3-5 days, if the cut is not done before, it will take a little longer because it needs to be researched, and the better the information provided, the faster it will be done. Large quantities can contact sales to calculate the exact time.

Basically all diamond cuts can be customized, including some special cuts, Old Mine cut, Antique cut, French cut, Ashoka cut, portrait cut, Taille Impératrice cut and so on. We can cut according to the picture or video provided by the customer.

No, because there is a difference between the properties of moissanite and diamonds. The effect of the same angle is not the same, in order to present the perfect effect, we need to make some adjustments to optimize.

Yes, through our continuous research and optimization, the problem of oval cut, pear cut, marquise cut common bow tie dark area, has been perfectly solved. The double reflection problem is also gone. You can contact us for pictures and videos.

The product do not come with a certificate by default. If you need a certificate, please contact customer service, and you need to wait 1 more days to engrave the waist code for stone detection.

Yes, Moissanite can 100% pass a simple diamond tester (handheld thermal conductivity meter) like a diamond.

Lab Grown Diamond

No. The color of lab grown diamonds is affected by whether impurities are mixed in the production process, or whether defects are created during the deposition process, and the structure is usually very stable at room temperature and does not change over time.

No, The third generation of diamond tester, is added to the thermal conductivity test, HPHT cultivation of diamond production requires the participation of metal catalyst, the finished product contains metal ions, with a weak conductivity, the test results will show into non-diamond. Buy lab grown diamonds can not be measured by the ability to pass the diamond tester, it is best to choose diamond with the authoritative certificate, such as IGI or GIA certificate.

It is about 30-60 days for loose diamond, depend on what cutting, sizes and color you want. All custom lab grown diamonds can be issued with IGI certificates, it will take about 10 days. For lab grown diamond jewelry, it needs about 15-25 days, same as our custom jewelry. 

Yes, lab grown diamond is real diamond, are essentially identical to natural diamonds in terms of chemical, optical and physical properties and crystal structure, also the 4C standard is exactly the same. Jewelers can’t tell the difference, only a professional diamond testing agency can tell the difference

1. To keep away from oil, If it is stained with oil, it should be cleaned with a professional jewelry cleaning solution.
2. To avoid bumping.
3. Stay away from radiation, the color of a diamond is likely to change when it has been irradiated.

4. Stay away from UV rays, If the diamond is exposed to strong ultraviolet light after ozone filtering, you can see small pitted spots on the surface of the diamond within a few moments

Fancy red lab grown diamonds and fancy light pink lab diamonds. Red and light pink natural diamonds are relatively rare, so the value is also higher, and the lab grown diamond of these two colors of diamonds is also difficult to produce, so the market is relatively rare.

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