Lab Grown Diamonds

IGI certificate, bulk stocks at competitive prices. rare red lab grown diamond available.

Our Color Lab Grown Diamond Series

Natural colored diamonds are very rare and valuable. Lab grown fancy colored diamonds are chemically the same as natural diamonds, All colored lab grown diamonds with IGI certificate. The color is the same as that of natural diamonds.

Pink Lab Grown Diamonds

Pink diamond is the one of rarest natural diamonds, and their incredible beauty has made them popular for thousands of years. These precious gems come in a range of vibrant shades from light pink hues to deep pink diamond.

Red Lab Grown Diamonds

Red diamonds are often called the most expensive and rarest diamond color in the world, even rarer than pink or blue diamonds, it is difficult to find large size diamonds, they are mostly found in sizes smaller than 1 carat, but we can do red lab grown diamonds up to 6 carats.

Yellow Lab Grown Diamonds

Fancy yellow lab grown diamonds, range in shades from subtle cape to sunny intense yellow. It is the original yellow color. bulk in stock.

Blue Lab Grown Diamonds

Explore hundreds of fancy Intense, vivid, deep blue lab grown diamonds in a range of stunning shapes, A variety of carat sizes from 1-5 carats. IGI certified. 

Custom service

All antique cut lab grown diamond can be customized, also the pink lab grown diamond.  old European cut and old mine cut is the most popular antique cut. 


 Lab grown diamonds are grown in highly controlled laboratory environments using advanced technological processes that duplicate the conditions under which diamonds naturally develop when they form in the mantle, beneath the Earth’s crust. These lab created diamonds consist of actual carbon atoms arranged in the characteristic diamond crystal structure. Since they are made of the same material as natural diamonds, they exhibit the same optical and chemical properties.

How are lab-grown diamonds made?

Like earth-mined diamonds, lab created diamonds are made of carbon. While natural diamonds pulled from the earth are created over millions of years under intense heat and pressure, man made diamonds are grown fairly quickly in a lab from a single carbon seed. They using advanced technology—either CVD or High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT)—the carbon seed slowly forms into a crystalline structure.

The CVD Method

CVD stands for chemical vapor deposition.Lab grown diamond seeds are loaded into a CVD reactor. Then, a mix of gasses containing carbon is added at a very low pressure. Microwave energy is used to heat the gases and generate a plasma. When the temperatures climb over several thousand degrees, the gas molecules break apart and carbon atoms bond to the seeds, growing them one layer at a time.

The HPHT Method

HPHT stands for high pressure high temperature.This method mimics the conditions under which diamonds naturally form. Large mechanical presses are used to apply extreme pressure and high temperature to carbon in the presence of a diamond seed. The seeds act as a template for a lattice of carbon to grow layer by layer over the course of a few days.

Lab grown diamond rings


Lab grown diamond earrings

Lab grown diamond necklaces

Lab grown diamond bracelets


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Lab Grown Diamond FAQS

Most frequent questions and answers

Does the color of colored lab grown diamonds last ?

No. The color of lab grown diamonds is affected by whether impurities are mixed in the production process, or whether defects are created during the deposition process, and the structure is usually very stable at room temperature and does not change over time.

The lab grown diamonds that cannot pass the diamond tester are fake?

No, The third generation of diamond tester, is added to the thermal conductivity test, HPHT cultivation of diamond production requires the participation of metal catalyst, the finished product contains metal ions, with a weak conductivity, the test results will show into non-diamond. Buy lab grown diamonds can not be measured by the ability to pass the diamond tester, it is best to choose diamond with the authoritative certificate, such as IGI or GIA certificate.

How long does it take to customize a lab grown diamond ?

It is about 30-60 days for loose diamond, depend on what cutting, sizes and color you want. All custom lab grown diamonds can be issued with IGI certificates, it will take about 10 days. For lab grown diamond jewelry, it needs about 15-25 days, same as our custom jewelry. 

Is lab grown diamond real ?

Yes, lab grown diamond is real diamond, are essentially identical to natural diamonds in terms of chemical, optical and physical properties and crystal structure, also the 4C standard is exactly the same. Jewelers can’t tell the difference, only a professional diamond testing agency can tell the difference

How to maintain a lab grown diamonds ?

1. To keep away from oil, If it is stained with oil, it should be cleaned with a professional jewelry cleaning solution.
2. To avoid bumping.
3. Stay away from radiation, the color of a diamond is likely to change when it has been irradiated.

4. Stay away from UV rays, If the diamond is exposed to strong ultraviolet light after ozone filtering, you can see small pitted spots on the surface of the diamond within a few moments

What are the two rarest lab grown diamond colors?

Fancy red lab grown diamonds and fancy light pink lab diamonds. Red and light pink natural diamonds are relatively rare, so the value is also higher, and the lab grown diamond of these two colors of diamonds is also difficult to produce, so the market is relatively rare.

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