Pagoda bracelet

The main stone is cut with a special Asscher cut with a square cut, this special cut is loved by many and polished well. It is attached to a chain clasp and finally fixed with a bolo clasp. The flexible bolo clasp is easy to adjust the size and is made of 14k/18k white gold with a triangular plug at the end.


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You can choose white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold in 14k/18k, please lease a message saying what metal color you need!
Whatever your taste, we can accommodate! Contact us to discuss your dream necklace made of Pearl or lab diamonds, HPHT/CVD or moissanite diamonds, and other gemstones. Metal material 10k/14k(Au585)/18k(Au750)/Platinum(Pt950). With custom design, the sky’s the limit!

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Moissanite 14k/18k white gold


Asscher Cut




About 4.44 g


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